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Some of the areas of Corporate Training include:

  • How to build a motivational staff force?
  • IT Delivery Management/ Program Management
  • IT Service Management – Incident, Change, Problem, Release and Deployment, Configuration, Vendor and Contract Management
  • IT Support Management – guidelines on Support Organization
  • IT Transition Management
  • Project Management, SDLC
  • IT Environment for young professionals, Soft Skills

Corporate Training

SmartHat has a rich experience in successfully executing Corporate Training programmes for IT Organizations across India and a hand few spanning into the EU. We have baselined an array of training areas for the dynamically growing industry, to train your staff on the latest trends and best practices in the market.

Ranging from technical aspects, spanning across to industry accredited process trainings, best practices and a well planned variety of soft skills, SmartHat has experience and potential to facilitate a high quality work force who are updated and high performers in the industry.

Recently SmartHat has also launched a College based Service Management Training for IT/ Computer Science Engineers (SmartHat Certified Service Management Professional ®) who are ready to be deployed in the IT Industry. This is considering the huge number of Engineers who pass out of college with a skill disconnect between what is in their curriculum and what is the demand in the industry. The areas that fall under this perspective of the training is still expanding and most of these programmes are tailor made, the SmartHat way. While Industry has lately become very selective in the hiring of these fresh talents, we provide the momentum and the needed qualification to pursue the right job in the industry.


As a growing company, we strive for long term training partnerships and are enthused to show our commitment, to grow successfully, together!


For further details of what can be offered based on your requirement, please feel free to reach out to our sales team. We are happy to help you pick up a tailor made training package for you, the SmartHat way.