IT Staffing

SmartHat begun its entry into the market with IT Staffing as the primary business segment. Today, we have a good presence in the market and we work closely with players across the different IT hubs in the country. Our expertise/ engagements focus on smaller and smarter players in IT, most of our flagship accounts are from US based IT Product companies who are in constant and varying demand for skilled work force with expertise on niche technical skills. We specialize in and have a track record of placing a good number of top and senior management professionals across our clientele.


Staff Force of any organization is its core strength. The quality of staff every organization possesses is directly proportional to the delivery commitments it has with its clients. We help you enjoy this quality work force and in turn partner with you, to help you honor your client commitments.


We bring in a solid win-win feature list which evolves us meritorious over our competitors:


  • 100% technical recruiters for technical job positions/ No throwing profiles across the wall
  • Highly sophisticated profiles to interview top management positions
  • Setting up apt interview panels for start up organizations
  • Run recruitment events/ participate in recruitment fairs specifically to address each client requirement, under their banner, for large scale recruitments
  • Detailed feedback across each level of recruitment for every candidature through to the client, Periodic updates and meetings with clients to be updated on positions which keep evolving
  • Mandatory soft skill screening including attitude checks by a CPBA (Certified Professional Behavioral Analyst)
  • Accurate number of profiles for each position with no over dumping – tasking you to screen
  • Resources on tailor made contracts
  • Quality network of professionals for candidature as well as conducting interviews
  • SPOC for each business client

    If the above is what you have been looking for, we request your time to evaluate us, understand each other and work towards success. We are good at offering you these services, tailor made for you, the SmartHat way!