Outsourcing Services

SmartHat from its time of inception has been supporting IT companies to be able to setup their offices in India. The setting up process has been flexibly designed to suit the customer’s requirement, most of the times, they are tailor made. While we offer to help the customers also run the operations until the time they stabilize their business, we are also available to help and support beyond that. We specialize across a wide area in the setup process starting from Office building setup, Initial Administrative setup, Financial facility, Human Resources support and spanning across Operational setup, Delivery model and other Organizational baselines. Our team comes with immense expertise from different areas in IT, right from managing huge IT business services to managing HR, Admin & Finance through best practices in India.


We also support customers who have existing operations in India but want to manage them via us, giving themselves more time for their core business agenda. While you would still own it, we would be accountable and responsible for running your show.


We believe in total transparency with our customers with the way we operate and as a growing company, SmartHat looks for customers to partner with us for long term relationships valued by Integrity, driven by Successes together!


Are you a customer who is:


  • Wanting to setup brand new IT operations in India?
  • Wanting to outsource your Operations Management (may include HR, Finance, Admin and IT Operations) that you are tired of running by yourself?
  • Wanting support to engage our services for one of these areas?
  • Confused about the Indian job market and the best practices and methods to hire talented resources? Employee Retention?
  • Concerned about training your new hires on specific niche areas of talent which is not readily available in the market?
  • Confused about the legal and statutory requirements in India that you need to fulfill?
  • Not informed about the ethics and etiquette in India to keep your staff motivated and completely focused on the business?
  • Want strategic help in knowing the best way to run your operations based on your duration of operations that can be short, medium or long term in India?
  • Worried that outsourcing these type of services would detach your control from the Operational stand point?
  • Tired of managing multiple vendors for each service mentioned here and in turn their costly invoices?
  • Worried about the huge bill that your vendor provides for services like the above?

    If you have answered ‘Yes’ to any of the above questions, you have landed in the right place. As our potential business customer, you would want to talk to us and evaluate the potential that we have, for you to tap. We sincerely recommend that you drop us a note with your details to: and we shall get back to you soon.